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Friday, March 30, 2007

There's a new hutch in my life....

So the other day I took the train down to Tacoma. I could have driven, of course, but Sven the Volvo needed a new master cylinder. So I dropped him off, and jumped the 36 down to the station.

The ride was flawless, of course, and the day was lovely, so a light lunch and a cocktail were in order (I had the macaroni and cheese, and one of their lovely bottles of red wine). Too soon, the train arrived in Tacoma.

In the next few years, they will be relocating both the route and the Amtrak station so that the train goes through south Tacoma. The downside is that a big stretch of the route that goes along the water will be abandoned. The very good side of that is that there will be a very neato transfer to the Tacoma light rail route. But until that happens, it's a four block walk to the light rail station. It's a dreary neighborhood, but I was on a little adventure, and the walk was easy. Soon, I was electroluxing through the traffic to downtown Tacoma. If the Seattle light rail will be anything like this, it's gonna be excellent.

After alighting in the Tacoma "Theatre District", I headed up the hill to the bowed and bloody Antique Row.

Antique Row had some fabulous stores on it. Actually, it still does, but not to the level of, say, the late great Rampart (which still exists, but in a greatly diminishsed role). Rumor has it that gentrification, along with some extensive street work, is going to kill off Antique Row sooner or later. Lots of stores seem to be having deep, deep, deep discounts, so get down there while you can.

I ventured into one store, which is literally packed to the rafters with all manner of things, and started looking around. It was dark, and claustrophobic, and rather dusty. I was thinking of just abandoning it when I heard a metaphysical whimper. Being highly attuned to the spiritual needs of furniture, I knew that I needed to trudge forward, and find out what the matter was.

It was in a particularly sinister corner, partially hidden behind loads of gunk, that I found this:

Yes, yes - I know what you're thinking "Say, isn't that fabulous china cabinet from the Drexel "Profile" line from late '57?" Well, all I can say is GOOD EYE, gentle reader - that's exactly what it is!!!

I was in a quandry: I needed to rescue this piece, obviously, but what could I - a Christian homemaker who had taken the train - do?

Well, I bargained (you would not believe the song I got this cabinet for) and I prepared to vamp (no, not in the trampy way, but in the how-am-I-going-to-get-them-to-keep-it-overnight way)

I neededn't have worried. They told me that it would have to be picked up the next day, as they would need time to get it out of the sinister corner. So, I paid them and, with a glad heart, headed back to the train station.

The next day I took the truck (amidst numerous advisories, threats, and precautions from the colonel) and headed back to Tacoma to pick it up. After the necessary cleanings, we moved it into the dining room and loaded it up.

I could gas on and on about this piece (actually, it seems I already have) so I will leave you with just a few more pics (the built-in light, and the stylish slant top)

I told you the happiest days are the days the furniture arrives. Wasn't I right?


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